Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yes I have been working out this winter.

I guess I should talk a little bit about what I have been doing this winter to stay in shape. I have never been a big fan of core workouts. Sooo... I started doing yoga. Power and yoga butt. I have really started enjoying the challenge. One thing I have found with yoga is you can make it as hard as you want to. When I first started going to class I spent all my time watching the instructor and trying to learn all the different moves. After the first couple of classes, I just didn't think that yoga was going to be difficult enough for me. Well, after learning the moves, I started learning how to work each pose. Yoga is kicking my butt. Best part is my core is getting stonger.

And I have been doing some winter hill climbing. We have a hill with rough trails in our town that measures 920 feet. I started out by putting 25 pounds in my backpack and hiking to the top. I now can pack up 45 pounds. This weekend I'm going to be doing 50 pounds. It has been a blast doing a low impact workout and enjoying the winter. I have been doing most of my hill work at night, So I had to go out and buy a headlight so I could see. I just put on my ipod shuffle and go. I went down to my local 2nd hand store and picked up a set of used ski poles for a dollar, and they have helped a ton going up the real steep part of the hill and it's a great upper body workout.

Monday, Wednesday. Yoga
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Hill climbing.
~Thumbs Up~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seattle Marathon

Yes I did It. Marathon number two. 26.2 miles in beautiful weather. We arrived in Seattle a day early and thanks to my lovely wife - that just happened to run the Half Marathon - and her ability to plan all of our hotel reservation for all of our events throughout the year, our accommodations were extremely convenient, she nailed this one perfectly. My step daughter Hannah has always loved to see the Space Needle. Well, all she had to do was look right out our window and the start line was 1 block away. Nice job babe.Every time I do an event I learn something big or small. Well, what I learned this time was always stick to your plan. Even if some skinny guy is standing next to you while you are watching all the half marathoners start, and he says. "I always try to start up with the faster runners that way I get a bigger jump on the pace runners that I was going to run with the whole race." Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea 10 minutes before you start a race that is going to take you more the 4 plus hours to complete. That sounds like a good idea for a race that you have been training for for months and you just want so bad to beat your bosses best time of 4:15. and someday just someday beat 4:00 hours. Oh and can see it on your face now, you are saying to yourself as you are reading this - OH Scottie just stick to your plan you should know better by now that you always stick to your plan. Well I didn't. Greed got the best of me. First off let me say that I really did put in the miles for this one. This was the most running I have done for a race of this magnitude. I was training on hills. Long slow going hills. I was feeling the strongest I have ever felt before. I was proud of all the hard work I had put into this and I wanted the best time I could possibly put out. I really was not sure what my time could be, I just knew this was my big shot to prove to myself that if you put in the time and pain you will succeed.

The race weather was about 38 degrees. I had my Garmin Forerunner 305 that I just can't live without. Tells me heart rate and pace. Everything started out great. I felt good, I was hitting all the water stations. In hindsight, with the weather being cooler, I don't think I was taking in enough water. I was drinking at least one cup of water or Gatorade at every station. I remember Texafornia saying something about splitting up your sugar intake. So if you take gel follow it up with water not Gatorade for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then after that you can take Gatorade at the water stations. I'm a big guy, 205 lbs. Not fat, just lots of mass. So someday I might figure out how many fluids I should be taking in. I was also taking in 300 calories every hour. If someone out there can help me with this I would put them on my Christmas list for life =). One neat thing about doing Seattle's Marathon was being able to cross over the I90 bridge to Mercer Island. I thought it would be so cool to do that, the half marathoners don't get to so it was like a bonus to be able to cross it. Unfortunately, when I was on the bridge I was running and taking off my under shirt and I lost my Ironman stocking cap out of the back of my shirt. Sad day. I would like to take this time to reflect and have a moment of silence for the loss of my Ironman Winter hat.

5,4,3,2,1... and now I can move on.

Ok, back to the race. I hit mile 13.1 at about 2:03. Not bad and I was still feeling good and having lots of fun. The run around Seward Park was very beautiful. Well, around mile 18 is when the hills started. What a nasty place to start hills. Some of these hills I found it just as easy to walk up because I was just wasting energy trying to run up them. Needless to say, this did hurt my time. One cool note, my friends Sam & Kendra and their kids Taylor and Gavin were waiting for me at mile 25. It was so nice have friends standing out on the course rooting me on, I really needed it. They both ran the Seattle Half. I would like to congratulate Deanna (my lovely wife) and Sam and Kendra for completing the Seattle Half. Good job. I finished the race with a time of 4:28:39. This is a personal best for me. My last marathon was Portland in 06' and I finished with a time of 4:50:08. But at the end of this race the lactic acid just ripped through my legs. Ouch Ouch Ouch. But after about 20 minutes I was all better. I had a great time at this race, I was on that runner high and I was loving it. Thumbs Up!!!~Thumbs Up~

Friday, November 23, 2007

Seattle Marathon

I'm on my way to the Seattle Marathon. I have been putting in the miles for this one. I'm really wanting to put in a 4:15. I think I can pull that off. Last year I ran the half Marathon and it kicked my butt. I was not much of a runner last year. This course has lots of hills so I have been busting my ass on hill training. The weather last year was rainy and cold, this year it looks like the rain is going to hold off and its just going to be cold =) . I bought some new gear just for this race, I bought tights and a top with 5 pockets from a company out of Cali called sub4usa. I picked these up to help against the rain and the cold. I really want to do well at this race. This race is going to keep me motivated and carry me into the winter. I need to keep my training up for Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene in june 08' BABY. I'm so pumped Grrrrrrrr. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Night Running or Cycling

I just picked these up, they are called Guardian light by eGear. They are really a nice and bright light. They blink or you can just have them stay on full time just by flipping the battery over. These lights are really light weight and clip on nice. Steady-On mode 100 hours. Flash mode 250 hours. They make red, blue, white, yellow and green. I paid 11.95 each. I run after work so it's dark this time of year and I really needed something blinking bright and these work great.
~Thumbs Up~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Power Yoga

That's right I said it out load YOGA, it's a good thing. I needed something in my workouts and in my life that would give me that stretch and that so badly needed CORE workout. I think Yoga may just be that ticket that I have been looking for. I did my first every Power Yoga class tonight. It was cool, I really enjoyed the relaxation of the stretch. I really need to find my spiritual and physical center. Wow that's deep
~Thumbs Up~

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sam and I do Ironman Coeur d'Alene Bike course

Well we finally did it. Sam and I rode the Coeur d'Alene bike course. One thing I would like to say is, What a beautiful course. Lots of Trees, trees mean shade, I just love trees. The roads are in great shape , lots of new asphalt. The hills are tough but after you make it over the top you get some rest before the next one comes. It was nice getting out on the bike with Sam again. especially the location where we are going to become Ironman for the first time.

~Thumbs Up~

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

My new Felt B2 is finally here!!!! It's a 18 lb bouncing baby boy. His name is Bomber and is my new best riding buddy.

~Thumbs Up~

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, after going into labor with my new baby Felt B2. It turned out to just be premature labor pains. I took the day off to see my new baby being put together and take lots of pics. After spending 4 hours waiting for to be delivered by FEDEX and then waiting for it to show up on UPS, we found out that it would be here Thursday! OMG!!! Wires had apparently gotten crossed and I will have to wait 3 more days. I feel like I have been hit in the gut. This really sucks.

Friday, October 5, 2007

08 FELT B2 IS ON THE NET!!!!!!!

The New 08 FELT B2 My sooooon to be new baby is on the net. It is soooooo sweet looking Drooool Drooool.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm Going CRAZY

I placed my order but they can't locate me a 07 B2. Soooo I have to order the new 08 model when it comes out. Soooo as you can probably guess the wait is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!
I can't even see one on the Internet yet grrrrr.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I have ordered my new Tri Bike. I introduce to you, The Felt B2. Nickname "BOMBER!!"
Can you smell the Carbon?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 2007 Apple Capital Triathlon

The Apple Capital Triathlon was started in the 1990’s as a way to showcase our beautiful area while offering one of the best races in the Northwest. They offer a professionally timed event, a scenic course, one of the fastest swims in the region and the best swag in the state! Located at Daroga State Park. Olympic Distance:
1.5 swim, 24.8 mile scenic out-and-back bike, 6 mile run along a paved trail within Daroga State Park.
This was my first time at this event. So the night before I used Map quest. Being new at using this great service that has every road in the world at your disposal, I seemed to locate the only way to get to the Apple Capital Triathlon that requires a 4 wheel drive. At one point in this trip I was not sure I was going to make it to race on time. The road signs that we were following had been shot several times to the point where we could not even read them. Oh, and this trail that we were on - I mean road - was one way only. OK, we got lost, there I said it. Really if we were going camping then we were on the right road. But we were going to a Triathlon!! Finally we found a paved road and cell phone coverage, where we used our phone a friend lifeline. My friend Kelly informed me that the race started 20 minutes later then I had first thought. So needless to say, I was not as grumpy, I was just later then I planned on. I hate being late!

I checked in and found out that they would have to mail me my shirt because they ran out. I was positive though and said, "That's cool, that just means you had a lot of people turn out." I was just happy to be there. Setting up T1 and T2 was entertaining also. There was no room in my marked bike area so one of the volunteers told me to just put it on the end of one of the bike racks. Well all that does is make everyone look at you like uh dude you can't put your bike there that is my area. So I just ended up finding a spot at the end and the outside of the transition area and leaned my bike up against an orange traffic cone, well it worked.

The swim. This has always been my weak point. I had picked up a new pair of Speedo goggles that I was hoping would not leak. My old pair of goggles would leak about 6 times during a 1 mile swim - so frustrating. The race organizers had to cut a path in the milfoil "sea weed" so that we could swim. It was like a swim channel under the water, which made it seem like a race course. Needless to say, I can't swim straight, so I spent sometime playing in this stuff. I am pretty sure in some places of the lake the milfoil was at least 30 to 40 feet in length. I had a good swim, 35:25 and the goggle worked like a charm.

T1 went smoothly for a crowded area, and it was starting to rain again. I forgot my sunglasses in the car, but I later found out that riding without them was the only way to go. Now onto the bike course - an out and back. Not too bad, not too hilly but I had fun. I attacked every hill I came to, because I knew when I would get over the top my legs would bounce back and want more. Hill training payed off. The best part of the bike was coming into T2. They had runners and bikers coming and going on the same road that entered the state park area. It was down hill to T2 and I was doing around 20 mph. I noticed a white full size suburban, well I guess they only come in one size. But it was white for sure. It was trying to make a left hand turn. The driver had to wait for the runners that were coming up the road. I could tell that as soon as there was an opening in the runners, they were going to turn into the parking lot. Well I was in a Triathlon race and there was no room to pass them on the right, so I was going to have to pass them on the left before they could turn. Well the Suburban turned and I grabbed the brakes. The combination of new paved wet roads and no tread road bike tires equals SNOT!! This is the cool part. As I made it to the suburban I turned the bike to the side, I put my shoulder down and SLAMMED into it HARD. I think I hit it between 10 to 15 mph. This poor gal in the car just about crapped her pants. I just bounced off and started pedaling again and went right around her. All the people running up the road yelled, "Dude that was so AWESOME!!" I'm a big guy so no blood, no foul.

Onto the run. T2 was good, I just needed to take more time to set up a better transition area next time. The run was 6 miles, two laps. I had a great run. I had really worked on doing bricks in my workouts. I found out that this is a must. I felt so strong on the run. I had an 8:35 pace. That was great for me. 51:30. My total time was 2:45:30.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whisky Dick Triathloln

Where do I start? The Whisky Dick Triathlon. It's tough, but not impossible! This is a great event, it begins in Vantage and the 1 mile swim starts out in the Columbia River. My swim went well for me this time around, except for the fact the corner buoy and site markers were all the same color - orange. So when you are a stud swimmer like myself, you might make the mistake of looking at the wrong buoy!! I added an image to give you an idea of what happened. My swim time was not bad at all 32:32. Even with the modified route I took.
Out of the water and onto the bike. T1 2:22. The first 12 miles of the bike was a 2,000 foot climb. Burn, baby burn. Water station at the top had ice cold water bottles that were pretty cool. They had the Whisky Dick logo on them. After 26.4 miles on the bike, my legs seemed a little heated up. In and out of T2 1:08. Then comes the run, 8.8 miles of my down fall. First mile felt great. Water station came up fast and then the next 7.8 went bad. I blame it on bad planning on my part - the day before, I stood out in the sun for 6 1/2 hours trying to sell my Harley Davidson at a bike show so I can buy a new tri bike. Oh yeah - I have this triathlon bug bad. No water, no food. I just plain did not take care of myself. So on the day of the race dehydration set in and energy levels started to drop. I was in trouble - big trouble!! Every water station I came to, I drank one water and poured one over my head. They were every mile and I couldn't seem to get to the next one fast enough! They threw a hill at us at mile 8 and I said out loud, "You have to be kidding me. A HILL!" I was dead tired and then I saw my three kids about 200 yards from the finish and they were cheering and yelling for me. They all ran in with me to the finish. Best part of the day for me! 1:37:01 on the run. I am going to stop here because I can not explain the horror my body went through after I stopped running and I don't want to relive it. I told myself this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ramping it up

I have found a place to work on my swimming. It's called "Billy Clapp Lake". I am not too sure why they would name a lake that, but I have good medical at my work and I will keep my fingers crossed that whatever is in the lake is not contagious. I guess this used to be a location where there was several lakes located very closely together. When they put in a canal feed, they damed it which made one big lake. In the picture I swim in the upper half of the lake above the dam. It is a mile across and back, which is perfect!! I have access to a private dock and a paddle boat. This all came about because my wife's dad that passed away 5 years ago used to fish with a gentlemen that just happens to live on the lake. It's kinda funny how your life changes in a good direction and good things just seem to keep happening to you.

And then there is my lovely wife that just keeps on supporting me. I come up with these goofy ideas and she just keeps on being there for me. I put all my swimming gear on and she gets in a paddle boat, marks me across the lake, and holds up a orange flag so I don't get run over by a jet ski or boat. It was our first time out and all went well. She did remind me that I don't seem to swim very straight. I think it's her driving. I'm excited about this new find! I have an Olympic Distance event on Sunday the 22nd and I am hoping that my new found training ground will help me to be more comfortable in the open water. I really do not want a repeat of my Pacific Crest swim. Just a notable observation - the name of the triathlon I am doing on Sunday is "Whiskey Dick." I'm not too sure the combination of training at a lake with Clapp in it's name and doing a Dick tri is a good thing. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Pacific Crest in Bend Oregon, the location of a life changing event and great times. After a 6 1/2 hour drive from central Washington, we made it to the beautiful Sun River area on Friday at 11pm. There, we met up with two other families. In the group of 6 adults and 6 kids, 11 participated in some sort of event. The youngest participant being 8 and the oldest 43.

Saturday was the day for Splash, Pedal and Dash!! What a great event for the kids! We had so much fun yelling and rooting on the young ones. Parents can be so competitive when it comes to their kids - lol. Well Saturday night was drop of the bike night at T1. This would be this first time I would see the buoys that everyone talks about. They only had the orange marker buoys out and they still looked ok, but I was not sure how far the white buoys would be. I put my bike in that "out of the way" kind of place on the bike rack so I would not get in anyone's way when the mad dash coming out of the water bike transaction began. Remember this is my first Tri so later on, as I found out, that would not be a problem. I looked for Drew and Rob's bikes but I only found Drew's Porsche (nice bike) and fast helmet.

On the big day, the three of us, Kelly, Sam and I, all went to T2 to set up our running gear. I was looking around to get an idea of how people were setting up their T2's and I noticed that a few peeps were leaving their race belts and bib numbers with their shoes. In my mind that was a great idea. If it was legal I was going to do it too. I was thinking about the comfort level on the bike with no race belt cutting into me and one less thing to put on at T1. Besides that, there was a number on my leg, bike and helmet. I'm sure that would be enough numbers for them to see. Off to T2, we took the 10 dollars a person bus ride so the family could catch up with us later at the lake start. This was a good idea, they drop you off right at the mouth of the entrance of T2.
Ok, I made it! Race day is here and this is what all the training has been for. All the reading, talking to people, and picking their brains has lead to this moment and the most important task to remember today is to HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

Before I set up T1 I looked for Drew and Rob. This would be the first time I would meet them face to face. We met at the Red Bull arch placed by the water exit, great guys. They both looked like Triathletes, Rob seemed excited and Drew was very calm looking (on the outside I'm sure.) I have been reading about Drew's progress and nasty workouts for sometime. Very motivated guy. We talked about the buoys that seemed to be on the beach across the lake, but Drew was all, "you will be fine have fun it's not far la la la." I was glad to see someone was not about to come out of their skin. Ok, on to setting up my first ever T1. Bike looks good, tires are aired up to 110, 12 ounces of PowerBar Gel loaded up, 3 water bottles with with Hammer Nutrition HEED High Energy Electrolyte. Boy did I learn later on that would be way too much to take in. All that stuff made me bloat out bad. I need to learn more about nutrition on the bike!!! Not just all gel :(

Time to test the waters. Wet suit on, the water was great. I think they said it was 62 degrees. I had been training in 58 and I can tell you that 4 degrees does make a big difference. Race time. I was in the third wave, 40-44 baby blue caps - oh so manly. Swim was off I was right in the middle of the start. I really wanted to get the full affect of a swim start. Well at the first orange buoy all went bad - way bad. I came up out of the water and I could not breathe. Was I having a panic attack? What the hell? Ok, I told myself to just calm down but that was not working. I started to look for someone just in case I needed help. There was a volunteer in a kayak and I was watching him and he was watching me. Then I heard the last wave (BANG), here they come. I looked at the volunteer and said they are going to run over me and he just looked and me and went "YUP." My mind was going a mile a minute thinking about what will happen if I don't make the swim. What will my wife say? All the time, all the money, I CANNOT FAIL!!! I thought of Drew saying in his first tri that there was a guy that grabbed a buoy and that he was not going to DNF. Finally, I raised my hand to the kayak volunteer, he came right over to me. I know this guy was my savior, he talked to me for about 4 minutes I guess. Yes, I was falling way behind and that was not helping me deal with stress. He finally said to me, "we are watching you and you will be just fine." Hmm, I ended up swimming the rest of the way (1 mile) freestyle without stopping. Wow, that was wild! I did write an email to Pacific Crest to thank that volunteer for his help.

Out of the water at a blistering pace of 53:27 and onto the bike. Bikes? Umm, where did they all go? Wow! I have some making up to do. Took me 5:30 to get out of T1, but I think most of that was tying that damn plastic bag that I finally gave up on. (Note to self, take bag tying class in off season.) Then I see Sam coming out on his bike, cool I least don't feel all alone. Sam takes a spill just after mounting his bike which lets me catch up to him. We joke about how much fun we had in the water. It's time to go. Bike is going good, I passed alot of people. I could really tell all the good swimmers and fast bikers were way ahead of me. I passed a gal that had a chrome fender on her rear tire, I passed her early thank god. I pushed it pretty hard for me on the bike with an average 19.84 mph and off the bike in 2:49:33.

I hit T2. Drop grab and go - 2:04 for me. Wahoo! I saved some time there. I was going to need it for the run. Oh boy, it was fun trying to find my legs. I have always heard it takes about 2 miles to find them, not really sure I ever did. The Red Bull station at mile 9 was funny. I think those girls had about 10 apiece themselves, way hyper. They had good energy I needed that. Run was slower then I was hoping for. No shame in walking some I guess. 2:21:22 ouch. Beep Beep - I finished!!! Family and friends were there to greet me. I learned a lot. I learned that I better train harder and learn a lot more about nutrition for this sport.

Final # swim 53:27
T1 5:30
Bike 2:49"33
T2 2:04
Run 2:21:22
Total 6:11:58

Congratulations to the Brown, Barnes, and Moore families and all those that participated!!!

Scott - Half-Iron Tri
Sam - Half-Iron Tri
Kelly - Half-Iron Tri
Janice - Olympic Tri
Holly - Olympic Tri
Deanna - 10K
Kendra - 5K
Taylor - 5K
Gavin - 5K & Splash, Pedal and Dash
Sarah - Splash, Pedal and Dash
Hannah - Kid's One Mile Dash
Laura-Team Manager

Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, after taking some needed time off after the Pacific Crest Half IRONMAN, I figured why not just go out and do my first Century Ride with the boys. I had a great time, the support on the ride was great. I think we stopped 4 times and ate cookies and orange slices. Jake, the leader of the group and who is also the only one that gets paid to ride, pulled us most of the ride. I did try several times to jump out front and pull my own weight and even got the group up to a grand ol' speed of 25 mph! But I paid for that later at mile 80. I felt pretty good other wise, 100 miles is a long way to ride I'm glad I did it but not to sure I could have ran 26.2 after that ride lol not a chance!!!!