Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back on track

A little update. All my training is back on track! I have been hitting all three sports 12 to 14 hours a week. I just love the variety of my training workouts I get from Coach Liz. I just never know what I'm going to get from her. But it works, and I have learned that if I want to achieve my goals I need to trust what Coach liz wants me to do and not second guess it. Because, what the hell do I know about training for an Ironman? Even if it means spinning 95 rpm's going 10 mph on a country road in the middle of nowhere. I have, in the past, planned my training based on distance. Now I do it by time and do not worry about how far I go. It is about the training, not trying to impress your buddies with how far you went. Smart training keeps you injury free, less chance of burn out and not getting stagnant. My swimming has come along way this season. For the first time I actually spend enough time in the pool that I'm starting to prune and I still have tons of energy left. My legs are strong and I just feel great. Life is good. I'm starting to feel like I have found a balance between training and my day to day life. And yes, it is that time of year, the legs are shaved and baby smooth. I'm going to end this with something that Coach Liz said in some paper work she sent me. "The hardest part of Ironman is the training. The biggest obstacle you will face along the way is yourself. And you will face yourself day after day after day. "

~Thumbs Up~

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Dance

I did It !!!!!! I passed I passed. I passed my test for my job promotion. I'm am now the new "Water Distribution Supervisor" I can now focus all of my energy on my training, and of course my family. This is a big load off my chest. BIG LOAD!! I'm so happy!!
I really needed this news. I have been sick all week with a bronchial infection. I have had to stop all my training. One cool thing was when I told Coach Liz that I was sick, I was really thinking she was going to keep me going and just deal with it. But she told me rest is best and to take the time to get better. Way cool. I'm doing better now and am going to be back training tomorrow. Woot!!!

~Thumbs Up~