Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apple Capital Olympic Distance Race

My first race since Ironman. It's good to be back!! 3:01:09. Not the fastest cat out there, But I have a plan to get faster. =)
Swim: 36:24 Good Swim
Bike: 1:18:05 Good Bike
My daughter Hannah running across the line with me.
Run: 1:02:19 the run really hurt.
Scottie, Kelly and Paul Back together again.

~Thumbs Up~


Spokane Al said...

Congratulations! The Apple Capital Tri is a terrific race. I did it last year and stayed in the campground and enjoyed it very much.

P.S. With the size of your arms if they added wrestling to the tri mix you would be world class!

Scottie said...

Thanks Al!!